Subscriber Offer ends 16th July

Just over 11 months ago I published the first part of  Execution Is Everything to see if anyone would like it.

What a fun ride it's been since then.

Today the pilot has over 400 five star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and over 1,300 readers have subscribed to get the Full subscriber edition. Best of all I've made new friends all over the place, with readers in the US,  UK, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand,  Germany, Panama, South Africa, Spain & Indonesia

(If I've missed you out hit reply and put me straight.)

Anyway, I'm delighted by your enthusiasm for the story... and I'm beginning to believe I can do this crazy thing for real.

So here's the plan...

1. The full subscriber edition is going on sale

I'll be releasing the full version of Execution Is Everything as a paid book on Amazon from around the 16th July (Jon Kaine's first anniversary).

This won't affect anyone those of you who've subscribed to get the free version before that date, but the free offer will end when the book goes up on Amazon. So if you've read the pilot but haven't subscribed for the rest you've got three weeks or so (Visit

2. Book 2 is coming this year

Yes, the second Jon Kaine book (draft title: The Storm Beneath) is coming together slowly but surely. I'm not thinking about a release date yet, but it should be this year.

Some of you have written to ask whether book 2 will continue any of the story lines from book 1. That's a fair question... and the answer is "yes". There is definitely some crossover. Like the doctor says at the end of Execution Is Everything... 

"Some wounds heal, some don’t."

Have a fun weekend,