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Execution Is Everything: Part 1: The Girl
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The Complete Execution Is Everything (Jon Kaine 1)

Jon Kaine has landed in New York to commit a crime, but that isn't the problem.

Kaine is a psychologist, more at home with business meetings than bar room brawls. But when a woman sits next to him at the bar his life becomes anything but theoretical.

As the night descends into violence he's forced to awaken the part of himself he'd hoped to keep buried, and put his skills to darker use.

This Complete Edition pulls together all 3 parts and all 130,000 words of Execution Is Everything.

With razor-sharp dialogue and a fast-moving plot, this is a crackling introduction to a flawed new hero. 

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Jon Kaine 1 was originally released in 3 parts to subscribers.

  Part 1: The Girl   Free on Amazon

Part 1: The Girl
Free on Amazon

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Part 2: The Breach
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Part 3: Everything Ends
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  Anna's Story  (Subscriber Exclusive)

Anna's Story
(Subscriber Exclusive)

What's Next:
Jon Kaine 2: The Storm Beneath

6 months have passed, but they haven’t passed easy. 

Jon Kaine is still in New York, but only just. There are debts to be paid, and some debts are paid in blood.

The Storm Beneath is expected in the Summer of 2018.

Jon Kaine 2: The Storm Beneath (Coming Soon)

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  Nick Warren in the dark ... yesterday.

Nick Warren in the dark ... yesterday.