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Top 10 Jon Kaine FAQs

Readers ask me questions all the time. ( Here the 10 most common.

  1. How did you get the idea for Jon Kaine?
  2. What are the similarities between you and Jon Kaine?
  3. Is the psychology in the books real?
  4. Kaine is English. Why set the story in New York?
  5. Who's your favourite writer?
  6. Any other influences?
  7. Do you think Jon Kaine will make it onto TV or Film?
  8. Is Execution really your first story?
  9. Why go Indie? Couldn't you get a real publisher?
  10. Will you write more books... PLEASE?

Spoiler: I already did ... Get the full novel, with over 100,000 more words.

Execution Is Everything
(Jon Kaine 1)

The first full Kaine novel begins with the Execution pilot (that you've read), then adds over 100,000 extra words of action, psychology and suspense.

"Absolutely brilliant and different."

"Surprising, inventive, and just sheer delightful." ★★★★★

"First ever 5-star rating."